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Tweaking Equality Odds on Beacon Hill

The odds still favor putting the anti-same-sex-marriage amendment on the 2008 ballot. A few important chances to shave down the advantage for 25% (50 legislators) to support this in this year's Constitutional Convention comes up between March and May.

The primary and then the special elections are held for replacement spots in the 11th Norfolk and 14th Worcester Representative Districts. These slots were both held by pro-marriage-equality legislators. The Worcester one in particular is at risk if a let-the-people-vote type wins.

The dates for the 11th are a March 13th nomination-papers filing, an April 17th primary and a May 15th special election. For the 14th, it is a March 20th primary and April 17th special election.

In Dedham, the 11th's Rep. Robert Coughlin took an economic development spot in the new administration. In the 14th, Rep. James Leary became the new lieutenant governor's chief of staff.

The Worcester Telegraph reports on the field for its area, where the nominations have closed. The Democrats should win, but have two in favor of advancing the amendment and two opposed. In the 11th, the Daily News-Transcript lists who's in so far, but does not break out their positions on marriage equality or the amendment.

In Worcester, the winner of the primary will face off against Joseph Cariglia of Worcester, an unenrolled candidate, in the election. He says he would vote against the amendment's advancing.

For the primary:
  • James O'Day, West Boylston, sees SSM as a civil right and settled law. Opposes the amendment.
  • Worcester City Councilor Philip P. Palmieri, says he is has the same politics on this as Leary. Opposes the amendment.
  • Paul Shea, Worcester, thinks SSM is fine, but figures the ballot initiative deserves a vote.
  • Tammy Vescera, Worcester, likewise says the large number of signatures on the petitions requires a vote.
The last counts both sides of the amendment discussed were that up to 58 legislators might vote in favor of advancing the amendment. According to a nice post in January on .08 Acres by sco lists whom he thought might change and reject the amendment. That shows what a struggle the pro-equality folk have and how each of these opportunities like the special elections weigh heavily.

Of course, if you are in either of those districts, or know someone who lives there, those votes are key. There are things you can do otherwise.

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Ryan Adams said...

I wrote an op-ed that InNewsWeekly published about where I think we need to go in regards to this amendment.

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