Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cirignano Can't Call It Quits

Why are we not surprised that another winger denies all and refuses to accept responsibility for his actions? This is a much lower level than recent D.C. cases. Former Catholic Citizenship head Larry Cirignano appeared in Worcester District Court yesterday for arraignment on charges that he shoved a woman to the ground.

The recap of the not-guilty plea is at Bay Windows. You can find a bit of a refresher here.

The next step is that he shows up May 1st with a lawyer to finish the arraignment and receive a trial date. The charges are misdemeanor assault and battery, and civil-right violations. The latter stems from free-speech issues. Sarah Loy was protesting the anti-marriage equality rally on December 16th in Worcester.

Meanwhile, Judge Robert Gardner ordered Cirignano not to contact Loy and to stay at least 100 yards from her.

You'd suppose that he'd get probation and a fine if he said he got carried away in the moment and "guided her" away from the rally too firmly and quickly. That would require a level of morality and respect for law that he does not seem to have.

Well, that's in line with the current White House policy. As he has moved to Northern Virginia, perhaps he sees a future across the Potomac.

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John Hosty said...

I would love to know what group he is supposed to be heading in DC. I've heard nothing, and it is begining to seem like they gave him hush money to go away. If you hear anything, be sure to let me know please! Thanks for keeping up with this story... ;)