Friday, April 06, 2007

Laugh a Gubernatorial Laugh

Our joke governor left with POTUS envy. New Hampshire's is still acting out in Concord. There's no need to add anything to the Union Leader editorial that follows up on the spousal, a.k.a. civil, unions legislation.

The editorial board must have had a great time writing:
John the Indecisive: Take a stand, governor

IF GOV. JOHN LYNCH had ruled during the Middle Ages, people throughout the land would have given him a nickname: John the Indecisive.

The governor so hates to offend anyone that it's surprising when he actually takes a stand on something. Asked whether he agreed or disagreed with a particular position, the governor would probably answer, "yes."

On Wednesday the House passed a bill to create civil unions for gay couples. The issue has been hot in New Hampshire since the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court allowed same-sex marriage three years ago. The bill has been making its way through the legislative process for months. Gov. Lynch's response to its passage on Wednesday?

"I will weigh in on it once I make up my mind on it."

That is vintage John Lynch. Unless it's a non-controversial issue that has overwhelming public approval -- a minimum wage hike, a restaurant smoking ban, etc. -- don't expect a strong public position from this governor. New Hampshire would get better leadership from a weather vane. At least it's always pointing somewhere.

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