Friday, July 13, 2007

No Mulligan for Cheney and Bush

Yesterday at a news conference, or in President Bush's case a noise conference, he had the audacity to say just forget about his people outing a CIA agent. "It's run its course. Now we're going to move on."

He added that he won't comment on the Valerie Plame Wilson case as long as there is any investigation, which should take this beyond his tenure.

In saying this was old news:
  • He wants Congress and us in the public to ignore that this was part of a series of intentional tricks and lies to get America into a war, costing us thousands of lives and many billions of dollars.
  • He wants Congress and us in the public to not pursue the likelihood that he, his Vice President, there staff and others conspired to commit these and other crimes and then cover them up.
  • He wants Congress and us in the public to give him and his a free pass on obstruction of justice and other impeachable acts.
  • He shows at its very worst what has become the hallmark of the American right — a brazen unwillingness to accept responsibility for their acts.
There is no mulligan on any act of treason, or conspiring to commit it, of lying to cover it up, or contempt of Congress, or the dozens of other large and small sins, errors, and crimes that may be involved here.

No, this is precisely the time not to move on. That not-the-droids-you're-looking-for-move-along routine worked in Star Wars. Back in the real world, there must not be any such diversion.

Taking responsibility: I'll moderate any comments when I return after a few days.

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