Monday, July 09, 2007

A Peach of Impeachment Causes

Well, Georgie and Dicky and their pathetic office gang of twits seem to have made impeachment easy and obvious today. Their up-yours letter to both houses of Congress dares the bodies to grow some 'nads and call the bad guys out.

What was that the Clown in Chief said — Bring it on!?

It's Congress' turn and obligation to do just that. Following lying about firing U.S. attorneys because they wouldn't use their offices illegally for Republican goals, Cheney and his minions hid their correspondence about that and other political tricks. Then they destroyed communications they were required to keep and lied about that. Now they are claiming another round of executive privilege to lie about the whole mess and, ta da, obstruct the investigations into the whole mess.

Obstruction of justice
, say it loud and louder. Another Tricky Dick, Nixon, was about to be impeached and maybe jailed for that, when his unelected, replacement Prez Gerald Ford pardoned him. That Clinton guy was impeached on much flimsier grounds of obstruction for lying about adulterous fellatio.

It's hard to count how many small and large errors and crimes these weasels in the Bush's government have lied about. Every one is actionable, some against Bush and Cheney. It only takes one and Congress has a basket of stinking tricks to choose from.

Impeach...savor the word.

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