Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mad Dad Spinning Wheels

A few folk have asked me about yesterday's U.S. District Court Appeals hearing for the two couples in the Lexington kissing kids' book case. The Mad Dad, Mrs. Dad and other couple were tilting at the same windmill from a different angle after already having been knocked down by it.

I confess, I didn't go down to the courthouse this time. They have lost this battle, on very specific legal grounds and:
  1. We can expect the usual federal-court shuffling about and waiting an unspecified time for a decision.
  2. There is no new info or legal basis for them to get this junk in a federal trial now when they already failed.
Fortunately for the housebound and terminally curious, the Metro West Daily folk did not disappoint. The big local dailies didn't bother, but Ian Murphy's piece was in the Lexington edition. The spoiler info is that the three judges gave both sides 10 days to hand over any written material and supplementary briefs they want. Otherwise, the panel doesn't promise when it will rule.

The Mad Dad side has the same attorney and set of allegation and set of claims about why this should be a federal case, as the expression goes. The original jurist, U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf dismissed the case, noting that it did not raise federal issues or violate any of the plaintiffs' federal rights. He was very specific, as well as pointing out that what they wanted was control of the school curriculum and classroom.

Honk. Thanks for playing, but game over.

P.M. Update: Bay Windows got its coverage online too.

For your listening amusement: Two days ago, one day before the hearing, the Mad Dad was on the way-out-there Pundit Review talk show with Gregg Jackson. It's over 20 minutes of alternating bluster and martyrdom.

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