Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Remote Control Rightwingers

You don't have to leave your lounge chair to foil those terrible pinkos. You don't even have to get out your down parka to support the Mad Dad, Mrs. Dad, and their like-minded pair of neighbors.

The Massachusetts Family Institute has announced that you can do this today from the comfort of your living room. Their hearing before a three-judge panel in an effort to overturn their loss on customizing the Lexington public school to their religious beliefs takes place today in Boston.

We should note that the Mad Dad/MFI/MassResistance side views this differently. As MFI puts it, this is not controlling curriculum or heading to a private, fundamentalist school, rather:
A long list of major homosexual groups have filed briefs in opposition to the case and have put forward a united front in seeking to stop parents from being the primary moral educators of their children, replacing them with teachers and school administrators, many who have their own agenda regarding homosexual issues.
For the non-agenda-driven fundy of superior rationality and purity of spirit who needs to participate with the least discomfort, they offer:
MFI calls on our supporters to support the Parkers and Wirthlins through prayer. Pray for the two couples and their children, as well as the judges who will hear the arguments. Pray that the lawyers will make the case for parental rights and the judges will understand the real threat to parental authority apparent in the two incidents...Pray on Wednesday wherever you are.
Bend a knee. Change the world.

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