Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Two CA Pro-Marriage Calls Today

In two separate decisions, the California Supreme Court ruled:
  • Four to three not to reconsider its decision to legalize SSM
  • Seven to zero not to stay the implementation of same-sex marriage starting June 17th
The reconsideration decision mirrored the original margin.

In practical effect, this is a blow to the anti-marriage equality folk hoping for passage of a ballot initiative for an amendment banning SSM and not recognizing those marriages conducted elsewhere.

One of the chief among those nasties is Mathew Staver, legal director of Liberty Counsel and attorney for the Campaign for California Families. His comment combined the homosexual agenda and activist judges slurs — today's ruling, he said, "reveals the political agenda of a handful of judges."

He may not be helping the effort to pass the amendment by adding, "
If any same-sex marriage licenses are issued before November, the passage of the constitutional amendment will make them invalid and invisible." As much as Californians love their ballot-initiative control over government, they'll now have to consider stripping existing rights and "unmarrying" fellow citizens.

The role pro-equality groups
Equality for All and Equality California will include making that plain to voters. Along the line, it could become obvious to many that the opposition's stance is 1) anti-marriage by restricting it, 2) anti-family and adoption, and 3) redefining marriage by trying to change what has always been and is in California a civil contract into a religious ritual registered civilly.

Right now, the initial polls on the amendment are split favor/oppose. I'm hoping common sense, compassion and love of American liberties will win the day. The opposition's empty threats that something bad will happen if homosexuals can legalize their relationships has proven false repeatedly. They need to feed the hungry and otherwise go about Biblical edicts instead of trying to hinder and harm.

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