Monday, January 18, 2010

Brown and Other No-Tax Fools

The guy in the WR Y with the huge, crude (like lipstick) tattoo of the leaping bass intends to vote for Scott Brown tomorrow. He and his wife on abutting weights equipment strained my relentless egalitarianism.

The alternating ads for Brown and Martha Coakley are easy to hear in the free-weights area. Upstairs in the clatter of treadmills, blustering buddies and such, breaks in radio music blend as background noise. Down here, both of these clowns traded what passed for political wisdom in their crowds. It was about his tax promises.

Surely some bright, educated folk will also vote for that destructive winger. I fear though many of his supporters don't know what he's really about beyond promises of lower taxes.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts in particular has a long, sordid history of this penny-wise/pound-foolish fantasy. The Dem controlled (since the mid-50s) General Court as well as our frequent Republican governors, sees a no new or reduced taxes pledge as a guarantee of election and re-election. Then in power, the GOP sorts jack up fees and claim these aren't taxes. The legislators spend on pet projects benefiting their local voters, while delaying necessary expenses to keep the tax promises. Thus, we end up with hugely inflated bills for infrastructure maintenance and no money for funding industries like biotech and electronics that would bring our economy back.

It's as stupid as a Bay Stater can get. Brown deserves the dunce cap, not a vote. By the bye, check the handy-dandy issues chart in today's Globe. You can go to Brown's numerous odious and hateful positions. However, start with the economy (he opposed tight financial regulations) and taxes:
Brown Opposes President Obama's proposal to tax large financial institutions to recoup taxpayers' investment in the economic recovery, saying raising taxes will kill jobs. Wants to extend Bush tax cuts for all taxpayers and reduce tax rates across the board.
We know for certain that his trickle-down theory is really piss-on theory. Piss on the middle and lower classes to the benefit of the wealthiest, who do not, will not and cannot share.

The no-new and lower taxes promises have worked many times here. We continue to pay the price with a stagnant economy and crumbling infrastructure, even before our great recession. Thanks a bunch, political con artists.

It's bad enough that we have a Scott Brown in our General Court. It's great that he has done almost nothing since being elected six years ago (even his website has nothing, nada, zilch to brag about). Otherwise, he might have been harmful.

We don't need another shortsighted fantasy peddler lying to us.

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