Monday, March 01, 2010

Take a Hike, Take a Trolley

Our own Duke, former MA Gov. Mike Dukakis, joins us on Left Ahead! tomorrow for a show on one of his passions, mass transit. He is a well-informed, well-intentioned and tireless advocate of moving from here to there in quiet, efficient, affordable, safe, environmentally friendly ways.

The live stream will be on Tuesday, 3/2/10 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. You can catch it here then. Anytime after, it's at that URL, at Left Ahead! or on iTunes.

The literally walk-it-like-I-talk-it Duke is known for hoofing it when practical and taking the T for long distances or in bad weather. The unpretentious ex-Gov. also typically picks up trash and deposits it in the city cans along the way.

He and I on occasion agree on concepts and differ on implementation, as noted in this post. We'll let him talk about what would turn the nation's oldest subway into a component of the best mass-transit system.

By the bye, he's also strong on getting some reason in U.S. transportation funds. At last fall's Rail-Volution conference, he spoke of the urgency for federal support for mass transit along the lines that highways have gotten for over 50 years.

Video Note: The Duke speaks on the history of the T here. He is about 6:45 seconds into the video of the Friday, noon, plenary session.

Listen to to a transit champion.

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