Wednesday, October 06, 2010

MA Sec'y Call for Debates

Debates, or even debate, are the call again from Secretary candidate Him Henderson —this time in video format. Click below for the minute-plus call for incumbent Bill Galvin to mix it up.

It's pretty simple, until the end. Of six statewide offices, only one has a candidate who has not debated or even appeared at a public forum or even answered newspaper editor's questions on positions. Independent candidate Henderson doesn't say it, but I have noted in posts, including this recent one, that avoiding public appearances and debates is certainly one incumbent strategy for re-election.

I'm headed to Suffolk law for yet another Treasurer forum tomorrow. They have tentatively scheduled a Secretary one for October 27th, but that's not likely to happen unless Galvin agrees to show.

In his stealth campaign four years ago, he successfully did the same. Back then, newspapers, broadcast and some bloggers screamed and jumped up and down to little effect. This time, even high-profile busybodies like the Phoenix' David Bernstein and Dan Kennedy, who is a frequent political talk show guest, seem to have pushed their own mute buttons.

At the very end, Henderson does plug his own candidacy briefly. I guess we can call that a masterpiece of restraint under the circumstances.

At this point, with basically a month to the election, Galvin could probably get by with a single debate. Suffolk apparently still wants the Secretary candidates, including the GOP's Bill Campbell. Toward the end of his clip below, Henderson asks folk to contact their media types to join the call for a debate.

The whole telling voters what you've been up to and what you can do next seems perfectly nearly everyone.

Disclaimers: I've been trying to get Galvin to come on the Left Ahead! podcast for months. Also, while we are far from BBFs, I consider Henderson a friend. Those factors may accentuate my underlying love of debates and public clarity on platforms by candidates.

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