Friday, October 08, 2010

Treasurer Frivolities

At the second row at yesterday's Treasurer forum (the first was for big shots), I became shallowly distracted by the obvious. Both Steve Grossman and Karyn Polito are made for caricature.

From across the room and certainly up close, Polito has teeth, obvious and beautiful teeth. She smiles freely and broadly. I suspect she spent a lot for such perfect and perfectly white teeth, and to good effect. They don't show the age-appropriate yellowing. Without displaying the brashness of a game-show host, she is comfortable with her mouth. I and likely many others envy those choppers.

Her eyebrows too are striking, like misplaced little Hitler mustaches or an NFL player's cheek paint. I confess as a blond WASP with wispy hair even when I had a lot, I admire such out-there hair.

Vulpine (fox like) is apt for Polito. Her mane frames a narrow, pointed face, giving her the visage that says shrewd in Shrewsbury.

In strong counterpoint is the solid Grossman. He is short and seems a little roughly carved, as of wood. In fact, with his large, fly-away ears, he has the charm and slight humor of a ventriloquist's mannequin. (Dummy would be the wrong term for him; he likely was the smartest person in the room.)

Gesticulation levels differed as well. I confess that I identified more with Grossman's controlled use of hands and arms. Years ago while getting a business degree, I'd get review comments about my presentations from fellow students. Typically, one would read, "Great content, but for God's sake, move!"

Grossman used his hands like a professor. He'd make points and keep arms and hands close to the table even when indexing.

Polito fit the Mediterranean stereotype of expressiveness. In addition to locking eyes with audience members, she's make broad movements for each major statement.

Apropos of nothing else, those are thoughts many of us who came from the newspaper world let career around our brain pans. Rather like the inevitable Four Seasons playing softly at a linen-tablecloth restaurant, such tertiary accompaniments don't distract from the dishes, or in this case, the words. I must note though that it is simpleminded fun.

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