Friday, June 10, 2011

Ever More Friends for Pride

Everybody (with notable exceptions) wants to march in the Pride Parade this weekend. My FB account has so many pols inviting me to march with them I'd get shin splints trying to do it all.

Let us pause to reflect how very cool that is.

I think of TMBG's Older lyrics, including:
TIME! Is marching on.
And time.. is still marching on.
This day will soon be at an end and now it's even sooner.
At least in Boston, time has marched on, tides have turned and all those clich├ęs of positive futurism live. LGBT rights and politics are settled in law and fact, waiting only for the feds to wake up and smell the equality. (And Cambridge is willing to help them along.)

Three years ago, the plug nasties at MassResistance ranted about corporations and pols who supported Boston Pride Week and the major parade. As I recall, more than once the duo over there called for boycotting those who sponor Pride and its events.

They didn't seem to notice the obvious — the banks, high-tech firms, food and drink companies, insurance firms, hospitals, stores and on and on are America. You might be left with only Quilted Northern toilet tissue and Coors beer if you boycotted.

The corporate and political sponsors are here and in the Pride Guide. Around here at least, rights, equality, and openness are in place and assumed. The liberties that we prize as Americans are also the laws of the commonwealth.

The haters seem increasingly limited to snapping pix of the most theatrical of the parade marchers and float riders. There's that guy who dresses like a stuffed condom (most be hot, in the temperature sense). The local Dykes on Bikes play into the stereotypes of the anti-gay folk as well. Yet those are honest aspects of LGBT culture and let the haters make of it what they can.

Less scold-worthy will be our Governor, his number two, cabinet members, legislators, our Mayor and on and on. As with the corporation sponsors, Pride supporters has shown steady growth and continuity.

This is all great stuff. While I remain impatient, I'm sure the rest of the country is catching up.

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