Sunday, June 26, 2011

Threats for Bucks

Ah, before, during and after the NY legislature's debates and vote legalizing marriage equality, the cads and churls were doing their best bullying. That is, anyone who dared speak up for gay couples or keep individual religious beliefs separate from public policy would suffer, suffer, suffer.

The fundy legislators and the local and national anti-gay groups wave the threat of losing your seat most frequently. As a threat, that has been iterated then reiterated so many times, it has lost virtually all power and credibility.

Yet one such bolus of bluster is example-worthy. The ninnies of NOM promise to back up the re-election cleansing with a multi-million-dollar crusade. In a shameless press release, spokes-thug Brian Brown, a.k.a. president of the anti-SSM group, led with, "NOM To GOP Senators: 'We Pledge $2 Million to Reverse Same-Sex Marriage in New York. Politicians who campaign one way, and vote the other, can expect consequences come election time."

The gay-baiters say they'll put the money into a PAC in NY to defeat the group that was their stalwart ally only a few days ago, the NY GOP. The ever vitriolic and vengeful NOM founder Maggie Gallaher (now board chair) stated, "The Republican Party in New York is responsible for passing gay marriage..."

There are two dynamics worth noting here, beyond the obvious about-face by NOM on its bedmates. Behind the obey-or-else paternalism lie:
  • The millions for this quixotic threat come from the deceived and confused donors. Making such threats is actually NOM's best and really only marketing ploy. Their business is using hate to keep money flowing in and funding its officers and staff.
  • The goal of defeating legislators who dared to think for themselves will fail. The lawmaker defeats and judge recalls have been abject failures in MA and everywhere these groups have tried. Our chum over at MassresistanceWatch has various posts on how the pro-SSM lawmakers get reelected and the anti guys and gals have lost.
You'd think that those who write checks to NOM and its ilk would notice how they're being fooled. Likewise, you'd think they'd see that nation is slowly, in fits and starts, moving inexorably to marriage equality. We can surmise that as a group they are not too bright, are in denial or are merely letting emotion rule reason. Cause aside, the effect is the same.

If your job is to use deceit and hate to raise operating funds, you surely don't have much in the way of ethics or compassion — either for gay couples or even for the suckers who give you money that could serve humanity is much better ways.

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