Sunday, August 14, 2011

Michele, My (Ding Dong) Belle

Come over here and let's talk. Let's get real about Michele Bachmann's look. That's not her looks, rather that fire-alarm crazy, raptor jaw stare, glare and gape.

I paid a little attention when the FOX folk and pajama media claimed character assassination because of the Newsweek cover shot of her, her actual face, her photographed glaze. The conceit was that the politically wishy-washy weekly depicted something that wasn't there.

Sorry, boys and girls. That pol often and generally looks demented. Both in TV appearances as well as stills, her ocular and stomatic presentations are of someone you don't want coming up from behind.

I'll paste a couple here from her best PR source, her campaign site. One is the splash on the front and the second a capture from her latest-pictures section. They are cropped to her face and the latest picture is lightened slightly because it is of poor quality on her site, as many of hers are.

I confess that I do not have the Photoshop skills to put in crazed or vacant stares or feral mouth expressions. She clearly comes by those naturally. She's delusional if she thinks these are appreciably better than her Newsweek cover.

Her numerous videos include many minutes of her staring like a cat at some unseen something. Her eyes don't seem to focus at what should be before her. She is flat out creepy nearly all the time. She's probably too old to change these mannerisms, but she'd benefit if she could.

As a pinko, I also confess that what comes out of that oddly presenting mouth is far weirder than its appearance. Her one loony pronouncement after another compound the effect to us lefties.

So, cut me a thin slice, Michele, a very, very thin slice of this bologna. The cries of sexism and manufacture of what is not there are simply not credible.

Maybe Newsweek could have worked hard to find a photo-shoot product from their session where you looked rational or at least normal. Maybe in a large chunk of RAM there was one or two. The fact is though that you do stare vacantly into space, you do look crazy in still and video images, and you do talk crazy.

Monday Update: I just run across the other Newsweek pix at The Daily Beast. It's a slide show that to me proves my points above.

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Uncle said...

Welllll, ummmm, a good number of us noted a similarity between Dubya and a deer caught in the headlights. Michele doesn't get a pass for being the "Queen of Rage" instead of the king of cluelessness.