Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Traditional Divorce and Adultery

How blissful must be the delusional lives of the anti-marriage equality folk. Neither facts nor observation distract from disdain and hatred of the other.

A splendid recap of U.S. marriage appears in Edge. None of the info is new, but it all bears repeating and is great as needed for debate.

Read the piece for the many numbers and sources. A key overall point is that marriages are healthier in the states with legal same-sex marriage. Wedded couples in places like Massachusetts have lower divorce rates — true for straight and homosexual pairs there.

The reasons are not news either, except maybe for the anti-gay sorts who chose to ignore the obvious. Note that adultery and divorce are most common among the wingers and in the Bible Belt. To those who pay any attention to scholars who measure and analyze such trends, the allegedly traditional marriage — straight, very young and theoretically at least without fornication or cohabitation first — is the one most likely doomed.

People don't know each other or really even themselves. Many feel trapped and cheated of experience when the have been married for a year or two or three. Hence, come infidelity and dissolution of the bonds. Moreover, those marriages are more likely to have very unequal finances and education, with the woman on the weak ends. In the main, it all doesn't seem to work that well.

Other identified factors for strong, lasting marriages include being educated, being tolerant of the spouse and others outside the marriage, and having kids. The wingers and fundies who fantasize about all homosexual couples being sluts forever on the make could hardly be more wrong for the married ones...and less perceptive about their own cohorts.

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