Friday, October 07, 2011

Brown Could Use a Helper

Sen. Scott Brown's only-the-latest crass sexist blunder is disquieting. He's certainly not the only federal legislator who runs down women or some other group so long as he can make a puerile joke. Yuck yuck.

Heck, various Senators and Representatives as well as Governors and other pols do much the same. 

Brown would like to be known as the deal maker-or-breaker in the Senate. Instead, the first associations will such as insulting a middle-aged woman's looks and offering his daughters to anyone interested. Just joking, ha ha ha ha, he said. In the case of his daughters, both they and his wife seemed used to such deprecating humor from their reactions in the vid.

Let's set aside whether he is a hard-body-only guy or thinks unmarried women are chattel. Instead, what about his executive function, you know, the key role of the mature brain that governs our thoughts and actions? As adults, we normally develop a cause-and-effect understanding that keeps us from, among other misdeeds, social blunders.

He doesn't appear to have a ripe one.

Long ago, in puberty in fact, I lost patience with the insulters. Those who say cruel and malicious comments about and in the presence of others — including but not limited to slurs on race, sexual orientation, gender or religion. Often then they'll grin and say something like, "Oh, I don't mean nothing by it." 

The aw shucks disclaimer didn't cut it when I was a teen and still doesn't. Get a grip on your base impulses!

U.S.Senators often serve decades. Everything they say and do publicly is likely news. If Brown's brain can't control itself, perhaps he needs to find another job.

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