Sunday, October 09, 2011

Love and Marriage in Iberia

I generally believe folk can find plenty of note on their own. So, I don't often point. I'll make an exception for Frank Bruni's NYT op-ed today.

He describes the quick evolution of same-sex marriage in Portugal. Not unusual is that among the nations with marriage equality, it too is a largely Roman Catholic one. It seems the leaders in such countries can take New Testament teachings of treating others with love and respect, as well as following the Golden Rule.

Predominately Christian inhabited nations from Norway to South Africa somehow evolved beyond Leviticus. They don't narrowly select Old Testament snippets to support very unChristian beliefs.

Before munching Bruni's offering, click on the graphic to pop up the three-tiered world of gay relations. A teaser of it is here to inspire you.

It includes the 10 nations with marriage equality (of course, to our disgrace, we are not yet among them). It also includes those places where gay male relationships bring a 10-year or greater prison sentence, and those where being homosexual still means a death sentence.

How's civilized in this shared world?

Bruni came away from his conversations and more academic look at Portugal believing that the legalization means "same-sex marriage became a badge of sophistication, affirming their country as an enlightened place."

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