Monday, January 09, 2012

Arm's Length LGBT Support

Tucked in an analysis of debate-like-object attacks on Willy Mitt Romney is a good recap of his avoidance of LGBT issues. In fact, in Salon's post, Steven Kornacki plays Romney's game of reducing that to gay.

Since promising in his 1994 run for U.S. Senate to do more for homosexuals than Ted Kennedy, Romney has done, "essentially nothing — at least since gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts and Romney turned his attention to the national GOP stage."

Instead, he has been trying to play Chex Party Mix, with flavors and textures for every taste. He's a one-man/one-woman marriage proponent, he says. He's for civil unions instead of same-sex marriage, he says.

Try not to think of the verb here as I note there's a rub. As Kornacki writes, "But given how close he is to winning the GOP nomination, Romney is now at risk of being positioned too far to the right on gay issues. Public attitudes on the subject are rapidly changing, producing some embarrassing moments for anti-gay Republican candidates."

We certainly can't assume Obama haters will be rational about what Romney says, does, adapts, backtracks, and evades. There is a prize to be had and it's neither honor nor honesty.


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