Monday, January 23, 2012

Mayors Make Marriage Merriment

Unlike NOM and other anti-marriage/adoption/gay sorts, 75 U.S. mayors publicly affirmed that they are for marriage and marriage equality. Representing big and small cities and towns, Maine to Oregon and even Alaska, they announced this in D.C. at the U.S. Conference of Mayors last week.

Their joint statement is here.

It's no coincidence that a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage, even though a large majority of states locked themselves into one-man/one-woman laws or amendments or both. The mayors seem much savvier and much less emotionally driven than legislators.

Some of the mayors spoke also of the advantages of SSM. NYC's Michael Bloomberg said:
In only a season, the freedom to marry has already made New York a stronger state.  This isn't about partisanship or ideology.  It's about extending the freedoms of our country to all people, and ensuring equal protection under the law.  Mayors understand that welcoming committed gay couples to the rights and responsibilities of marriage isn't just the right thing to do.  It's also the smart thing to do for the diverse, dynamic, forward-looking cities we're all working to build.
Boston's Tom Menino said:
Cities that cultivate diversity are places where creativity and innovation thrive," Menino said. "We've now had the freedom to marry in Boston for almost eight years. Since then we've seen more same-sex couples move to the city, and with that economic development, urban revitalization, and a spirit of pride and progress that are hallmarks of Boston.
Cities have long evolved most quickly of all and led the others.

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