Friday, April 13, 2012

Once More Into the Well of Spite?


Instead of location, timing may be the crux of whether this year's GOP can use LGBT support against Pres. Obama and his crew. I predict that they have seriously blown this one through atavism. Their candidates and strategists seem to believe they can shake some gays at voters and profit from it.

Lackaday for Mitt Romney and Republicans, the nation is at ebb tide on anti-homosexual sentiment. Rachel Maddow is been best on this. For a taste, try her short with NYT writer Bill Keller, below. Her sites have much more detail and analysis.

Coming at it from a marriage-equality perspective, I also am a big supporter of enabling and encouraging stable couples to adopt kids who would otherwise be in foster care or institutions. Other than the likes of no-chance candidates like Ron Paul and John Huntsman, the GOP would-be POTUS folk have made the terrific blunder of opposing adoption by homosexual couples or singles. They may feign religiosity and particularistic morality, but I bet to the vast majority of us, they are being anti-child as well as anti-gay.

For me, the intriguing question is whether the obvious and inexorable waves bringing acceptance of same-sex marriage and equal adoptions are timed correctly. The GOP sorts clearly believe they can go into the anti-gay well at least one more time and come up with a bucket full of votes. They seem to forget how long it's been and how much has changed since this last worked.

I say it's too late. In poll after poll, as well as more and more elections, the public makes it plain. They no longer favor punishing homosexuals just because. They also don't want orphaned and abandoned children to languish in bad circumstances, merely to punish gay would-be adopters. They aren't even buying plainly and repeated discredited fake research saying kids suffer in households with gay parents.

Their well of spite has been covered over.



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