Saturday, October 06, 2012

Lines in Shifting Sands

Surprising no one, winger demagogues and the wispy would-be POTUS react immediately to good news for the nation with lies and vitriol. Despite their craven fixation on unemployment rates, and in particular the 8% touchstone, they issue no apologies.

Those many millions of us who grew up with and into the concepts of honor and personal responsibility sigh or chuckle or swear. Those who have transcended those honorable precepts join choruses of denial or conspiracy theory or calumny.

There are many recaps of the GOP silliness, like Slate and MSNBC and the WAPO.

The desperation is understandable, if pathetic. Romney barely had time to revel in his bullying of the POTUS and moderator in his solid if totally incredibly mendacious debate showing. Now he weakly re-re-reframes economic issues.

The trutherism and dizzying spin on the potent symbol of 8% unemployment are stunning. For a year, Romney and for longer the GOP has made 8% unemployment the proof of returning economic health for the nation. With years of GOP and DINO Congressional sorts sabotaging the Administration's jobs and other recovery efforts, they can't even begrudgingly accept that the President's cautious efforts are paying off.

Particularly in contrast with the rest of the industrialized world, we're perking along — despite them.

We've had 42 months of continuous job growth, a booming stock market, and a slowly but steadily declining unemployment percentage. They can't stand that their ambushes and obstructionism have failed.

Imagine how many more jobs we'd have created (real job creation) if wingers in Congress had worked for the good of the country. With far too many companies, huge and medium mostly, sniveling about how risky it would be to add jobs, someone needs to show some guts.

So, now is the time when honorable women and men would praise the milestone they identified, that 8%. They'd apologize for their insults, false claims and failed predictions.

Instead the Jack Welch and Mitt Romney types again show their true nature. The words are dishonest and dishonorable.

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