Friday, October 18, 2013

Joisey Justice, Marriage Edition

Looks like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has hitched his wagon to a manure truck. We all figure he'll go for the 2016 GOP POTUS nomination, but he keeps returning to the anti-gay stance. That's not likely to wow his wingers and sure as hell won't cut it with the larger electorate.

With NJ courts mandating marriage equality, he has insisted repeatedly that each level through the state supreme court rule on at least a stay of the beginning of intertwined love. Lose. Lose. Lose. Today, the highest court there said no stay, and went on to chide him that if he continues in such lunacy with a full and formal appeal to lower courts' rulings that he's not likely to prevail.

So it's a huge honking L on the big guy's head.

What calculus brings a supposedly smart fellow to figure that if he only bucks national opinion, if he only turns bigot when the nation has gone the other way, that he'll benefit.

Go figure, Chris. Dumb.

Saturday update: New-elected Sen. Corey Booker is ready to perform marriages again. In his authority as Newark mayor, he had refused to do that until his state had marriage equality. It does and he will officiate gay and straight ones.

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