Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Screamin' at the Demons

Our duty includes loudly and iteratively calling BS on those whose propaganda includes absolving Congressional Republicans for this shutdown. Friends, coworkers, relatives...all..who make the error of raising the shutdown and even pending debt-ceiling/default conversation, need to have their heads aligned properly. Do that for yourself, for them, and for the nation.

I have my own rant about this. It's only 18 minutes, a relative bargain over the usual 30 to 40-minute Left Ahead podcast. There can be no quarter. Click below to hear my rant.

Decades ago, my wife worked for the sixth-and-seventh grade Scholastic weekly newspaper, NewsTime. The staff had to running jibes at upper management's fake equivalence. One was that no matter what the trend was, you'd avoid analyzing the underpinnings with the suffix On The Move. For example, for The Longest Walk, the heads were Indians on the Move.

The other was more invasive and pervasive. Writers and editors were never to take a position. The fantasy was that there were exactly two sides to any story. The yin-yang trope was such that if you said this is one side's position, you had to immediately give as much space and weight to a differing view. You then never, ever took a side or made a conclusion.

This is not a middle-school, amoral, unthinking issue. The House GOP have goofed up democracy, the economy and their constitutional duties hugely. There is no pretense of both sides deserving equal blame. I ranted already about this. See above.

Please do the same.

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