Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mitt Makes Moron Move

So, will Republicans OUT THERE buy this crap? Will they simply enjoy the theater? Will they see Gov. Willard Mitt Romney's last histrionics for the sleazy, cynical moves that they are?

As promised, our POTUS-envy leader-like person filed that bill yesterday to let Catholic Charities claim that its adoption service is its religion. Thus, he would give them the right to openly, legally discriminate while taking government cash.

In posturing to the primary states, Romney had the nerve to call the anti-gay, pro-discrimination bill Protecting Religious Freedom. It is to snort.

We promise more specifics when the bill is available on the Net.

Both Senate and House leaders oppose writing bigotry into law. As the Globe article put it, "The bill appears unlikely to gain traction in the Legislature."

Of course, Romney doesn't care -- not about the kids, nor our gay citizens, nor the commonwealth's Catholics. He is simply rubbing more rouge on his pallid cheeks for the big GOP dance.


David said...

So would you be for this bill if Catholic Charities wasn't receiving funding from the government? Also, you seem to not agree that a religion actually practicing its religion (whether or not you agree with it -- in this case, a Catholic charity choosing not to help gay couples adopt), as opposed to merely believing something, is legitimate.

massmarrier said...

No, it's bad law. Exempting churches for non-religious activities is against present law, sets both courts and legislature in the position of differentiating among religions (in effect deciding a church's moral values pertinent to the matter at hand), and otherwise muddles religious and secular activities. Romney clearly has no stake in this. It's theater for him.

The bill he entered is patently unconstitutional, both at the commonwealth and federal level.