Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bushy Bucks

How bad are the borrow-and-spend Republicans? God awful!

According to the not-exactly-leftist Wall Street Journal, even two years ago, George the Lesser's administration was already the worst. Similarly, last year, Cybercast News compared presidents and the current one was the most profligate. Even the Reagonomics-oriented Club for Growth joined in calling the GOP's policy and actions "drunken sailor spending."

Even without the most recent $1.5 trillion (12 zeroes) Bush increases that bring our national debt to nearly $9 trillion, the Club for Growth's comparisons pin the tail on the elephant.

Average annual real increases in domestic discretionary

Fiscal yearsIncrease
Lyndon Johnson1965-69
Richard Nixon1970-75
Gerald Ford1976-77
Jimmy Carter1978-81
Ronald Reagan1982-89
George H.W. Bush1990-93
Bill Clinton1994-2001
George W. Bush2002-04

It is much, much worse since. More on this in future posts.

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