Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Impotent Threats on SSM

That sound from deep in the well is the Massachusetts Family Institutes's battle cry. The dwindling party of anti-gay, anti-same-sex-marriage forces who lost their last stand at the Constitutional Convention in June still can make muffled shrieks.

[Note: I touched up Kris' MFI pic by increasing the contrast. He looked inhumanly spectral and pale there. By the way, that's he on the right.]

MFI is spinning its withdrawal from the petition business. According to several sources, including WBUR, the nasties admit they can't get it together for a 2010 ballot drive. With the voters and legislature having moved on and back into the real world, and with every poll showing increasing majority acceptance of same-sex marriage, MFI is toast. It will be fascinating to see if they can milk more money from their previous supporters.

According to today's Boston Globe, FMI President Kris Mineau continues to push the fantasy that they will oust the pro-equality legislators and create a group that will pass their regressive, repressive platform. Apparently that would ideally be the 75% plus of the combined two houses on Beacon Hill.

However, he may have noticed that the last time they targeted pro-marriage-equality legislators, every one of MFI's candidates lost and every gay-friendly one won. Meanwhile, the legislator and voters have turned to education, health, highways and other pressing issues. Finally, the host of pro-equality allies did not disappear when the good guys one.

The resolve is there to prevent this kind of hate campaign here again, as is the gratitude to the legislators. "Over 200,000 members of MassEquality will be there to strongly support every legislator who voted in support of equality," said their campaign director Marc Solomon. "We've been there every step of the way."

The MFI man said, "We acknowledge that our support in the current Legislature is weak, but our support among the people is tremendous...This campaign is far from over, believe me. Some of these legislators will go away, but we will not."

It would not be a fair wager on who's going away here. In fact, we're standing by our prediction that Mineau will move on before too long, likely muttering and whining all the way.

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Ryan said...

"By the way, that's him on the right," had me in stitches. It was the kind of Laugh out Loud funny that turned LoL into universal internet lingo.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, over at MassResistance there is this amusing mixture of bravado and desperate arm failing. The key phrase is "step up to the plate". The offering plate, that is. Here are some highlights from the latest Call to Wallet from the chief cashier of the outfit.
MassResistance ** July 21 Email Update **

MassResistance moving forward with $100,000 summer fundraising. Homosexual movement on a roll in the State House -- we're here to stop them! But we must have your financial support to continue our work!

This year, you and your kids are being targeted more than ever. And since their victory over the Marriage Amendment on June 14, the homosexual lobby is arrogant and on a roll to use your Legislature to take even more!

Their "transgender rights and hate crimes" bill (H1722) which would make it illegal for schools or businesses not to hire cross-dressers (and criminalize any criticism of that behavior) --- is just the tip of the iceberg. Right behind it is the Planned Parenthood bill (H595) which would mandate a homosexual curriculum in the schools and a slew of other horrific bills now in the Legislature.

And the new Massachusetts state budget, just sent to the Governor, appears to give homosexual activists nearly $100,000 more than last year to go into your schools and propagandize your kids. It could have been worse.

This year is absolutely crucial. We MUST step up to the plate and stop them. We had some successes last year, but this year we must do even better.

Our Parents Rights Bill (S321) which would be opt-in and effectively STOP the homosexual agenda in the schools, has already sent shock waves through the State House. It must get passed this year.

And we will continue to expose everything they want hidden (and more).

We can beat them. We've showen how much we can do with limited resources. But we can't continue to do it with nothing. Like everything else, this battle takes money.

We've set a goal to raise $100,000 by the end of the summer. That's what it will take to bring this resistance movement into high gear. That's what it will take to start STOPPING what needs to be stopped and moving forward what needs to be moved.

Do we have a choice?

Please . . . HELP US REACH OUR GOAL. Every donation counts.

You can:
* Donate by credit card right now on our web site.
* Mail a donation to: MassResistance
* Join our Monthly credit card Donors--those who really understand how crucial our work is! They are the backbone of this movement! Email us (or call our office: and we'll set you up.

With your support . . . we're moving forward and taking back our government!

John Hosty said...

I'm with Ryan on this one. I howled with laughter when I saw the eerie likeness.

Someone should ask Kris Mineau if he knows how long it took for George Wallace to sit down and shut up.

massmarrier said...

Hmm. Skeletor's face and Wallace's mentality...what a combo.

I've gone out on this one, figuring Mineau is skipping town as soon as he lines up something firmer and with a better future. He'll probably slither away like Larry Cirignano though, claiming he's off to fight a crucial battle, when what they're really about is staying comfortable on the money they extract from the gullible.

It's like Laurel's passing along the cynical ploy from MR. It'll be a great day when the anti-equality folk can't fool enough folk to stay in business.