Friday, July 20, 2007

NM Joins RI in MA SSM

Huh? Block that acronym!

Put this in the 90% probability category. I say that GLAD says that Massachusetts Department of Public Health says that New Mexico is like Rhode Island for same-sex marriage licenses here. Huh?

According to GLADs blog, the legal strictures in both states permit their same-sex couples to wed in Massachusetts. Our inane and discriminatory 1913 laws forbid out-of-state couples from marrying here if that union would be illegal at home. We have called for the overturn of those laws and wonder why our gay-friendly governor, lieutenant governor, house speaker and senate president don't knock this flimsy structure down.

Regardless, apparently the Land of Enchantment also lacks laws forbidding SSM. So, whether it's an emotional satisfaction or preparation for legal action, here's the place for the Santa Feans and others to get it on.

For the other 10% of assurance, GLAD's note appeared in my box after closing hours at the government here. Neither the GLAD site nor either of the Massachusetts government ones (or the two big NM dailies) had the news report or any link to "a corrective notice to all Massachusetts city and town clerks authorizing them to allow same-sex couples from New Mexico to apply for marriage licenses."

GLAD's oversight is understandable. They aren't too technologically savvy and they also used this as a way to plug their own online pubs about same-sex marriage. We type A folk would like to verify this, but it seems reasonable.

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