Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama Class Picture Time

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I kicked you in every place that could hurt. I sucker punched you. I dissed you into dirt. Now kiss me.

Sorry, but I just saw the reports that Hillary Clinton has suddenly gotten all kissy face with Barack Obama, putting out the word that she wants to share the Democratic ticket.

In my time, but a lot of years ago, I had some crazy girlfriends. This situation seems to be a real flashback. Hillary's asking Barack to take pictures together and sign her yearbook with loving words.

I fundamentally remain a southerner. I believe in civility, even in the face of the hostile and ill-bred, but cut me a very thin slice of that baloney. Barack has been pretty civil and it's certainly good that he may face this choice, rather than I doing so.

I'm not so sure such a ticket would be a disaster, although blogs and newspaper opinion pieces seem nearly unanimous in saying so. I do agree with the accompanying judgments that the combination of both Clintons in place in a new administration would bring heretofore unknown complexity to governance. An ex-president hanging around and insinuating himself sounds like great sitcom material, but not efficient administration.

If Hillary is in fact serious about negotiating to be the vice presidential candidate, how Barack handles the test could well indicate the sincerity and depth of his compromise and unification talents. Better him than me.

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Robin Edgar said...

Maybe Barack Obama should go all the way with his bipartisan compromise and unification talents and seek Condaleeza Rice as his running mate. . . ;-)