Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SSM OK in Norway

Norway's parliament approved full same-sex marriage with clarity on related topics today. Specifically:
  • Homosexual couples have full marriage equality
  • Lesbians have access to artificial insemination
  • The national Registered Partnership Act was repealed, with registered couples to get the option of converting to marriage
  • Homosexual couples must be evaluated and treated equally as adoptive parents
  • Lesbians' children have the same legal rights as others
On the church front, most Norwegians (maybe 85%) are Lutherans. That church there is split on same-sex marriage. The government gives them the option of solemnizing SSMs, but does not require it. The new law will continue that. The position of the Lutheran church is that at the moment this is up to individual parishes how they view and deal with the issue.

However, it may take up to two years for a gender-neutral liturgy to emerge from the church. Meanwhile, couples have the option for a civil marriage with a church blessing.

It must be increasingly scary for the anti-gay hardliners here. More civilized nations with advanced social systems go to SSM. They live the equality we talk.

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