Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey, Out-of-Stater, Marry in Mass!

That nasty old set of laws from 1913 is gone. Massachusetts, the first state in nation to have legalized same-sex marriage will be the second one to permit out-of-state couples from around the nation to wed here, GLBT or otherwise.

Today, following the Senate's previous action, the House repealed the laws on a roll-call vote. The total was 118 for repeal and 35 against.

Thursday Follow-Up: One members on each side of the issue weighed in after the roll-call. The House permitted recording their votes. The final thus was 119 for repeal and 36 against. The tally by member is here.

Gov. Deval Patrick has already pledged to sign the repeal bill.

Over at Bay Windows, Laura Kiritsy ran a live-blog of the House debate.

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