Thursday, July 24, 2008

OMG, the Og Loses It Again

A tip of the toupee to Tony over at He notified the larger world that grass farmer Jim Ogonowski spent his contributions (can we say like a drunken Air National Guard bureaucrat or is that reserved for drunken sailors?).

According to the Lowell Sun, the Og piddled away his cash pre-running against U.S. Senator John Kerry. He failed to get enough sigs to get on the ballot as a Republican. Yet, his $552,000 in contributions seemed to be more than he could stand to have around.

In a move that says worlds about his fiscal irresponsibility, he spent half a million and got no place. Moreover, the obvious, like his website, doesn't reflect the expenditures. Supposedly, the money went into ads and consulting fees.

In the 'nuff said class, the Sun reports:
"It's a lot of money to spend, especially if much of it was not even spent on gathering signatures, which should be priority one in the early stages of a campaign," said Rob Gray, founder of Gray Media and a Republican political consultant. "It's surprising to see spending on advertising that early when the focus should be on ballot access."
You have to hope that his wife keeps the family checkbook.

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