Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anti-Truth Squad Back for Parents

Get your wooden stakes, as I've noted here many times, the parents-rights hounds are relentless. They are trying yet again to expand laws to keep our kids ignorant and confused.

The current attack is the one they promised last fall, a bill to muffle teachers, censor book lists, and bully school boards. I'm still a bit feeble, so I would point you to the excellent report on the newest version in today's Bay Windows by Ethan Jacobs.

Be aware though, that the parents-rights folk will not stop until they push their anti-gay/anti-same-sex marriage rules on the nation. They seem to exist in small, vocal numbers in every state. Massachusetts is higher profile than most, but we are not the only target by any means.

If you have tried to avoid them, it's too late. They are in your face. You might also check my series starting here.

  • They want legal strictures on what teachers can say, even in passing or answering a child's question.
  • They want the schools to get opt-in forms for any student who might be exposed not to sex education, but to any mention of homosexuals or same-sex marriage.
  • They want to tell the schools what to teach and what they can have in their libraries.
  • They want to remove their own parental responsibility to help their kids understand the world in context.
In their world, kids would not learn that there were homosexuals. Likewise, they would not hear of same-sex marriages in a state where they have long been legal.

In some ways, they are simply laughable. Anyone who wants to remain that ignorant of their neighbors and world is comic. Yet, they want to force that on their children and on all the other children and families of the community.

We have to ask whether we want to raise a generation who can think about the real world, or one that gets only the information the parents want them to have. Do we want the most extreme of us to censor curricula for all of us?

It is sad indeed if people want to keep their own kids ignorant. It is tragic when they want to force that on all.

Losing in one or two or ten legislative sessions and courts after another has not stopped these people yet.

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