Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cultural Throttle on SSM

The Dark Side remains determined to hold off marriage equality in the form of same-sex marriage. It seems increasingly to come down to because they can.

Here in New England, we have seen just recently the two sides of this. In Vermont, the elected representatives of the citizens overwhelmingly approved SSM. Then they circled around to override the regressive governor's veto.

There was a much slimmer margin in the New Hampshire House. Then a single Democratic senator jumped with the Republicans on their judiciary committee to halt SSM there by a three to two vote.

Sen. Deb Reynolds and neighboring state Gov. Jim Douglas had pretty much the same justification. Those ol' homosexuals already had civil unions, wasn't that enough and what else could they possibly want?

In states like Virginia and Texas, overturning amendments and laws forbidding SSM may take a decade or two. They are among the dozens where there is a heavy load of emotional baggage. Up here, where fairness and equity have been blossoming, I honestly expected better.

Yet, I have been pleasantly surprised by the suddenness of the blooms. Connecticut for full SSM. ...New York and maybe New Jersey this year. Maine could even go for full equality this year or next.

We know that beleaguered Rhode Island has a governor and two legislative leaders who won't let SSM advance, at least until Gov. Donald Carcieri has to leave office next year. Then I would expect quick passage. Even though his state recognizes Massachusetts SS marriages and has extended benefits to SS couples, he tromps on this form of civil rights, again apparently because he can.

The future is for marriage equality, in both Europe and the United States. The many on the anti side who try to conflate their particular religion's ritual with the established norm of civil marriage used in the whole country won't stop their two screams — God's law! and Let the people vote! They won't stop after their states do the proper things either. As their numbers dwindle both their volume and influence will decrease as well.

I wish I could respect the intentions of those who want to harm, hamper and hinder homosexual couples. I can't and their nasty deeds can't come undone fast enough to suit me.

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