Monday, April 27, 2009

Slap Some Sense Into the Mass. Legislature

Morning note: Oops...too late. They passed the sales tax by a big margin. I posted the below for automatic publication last night. Now the call is to tell them it's not enough. That's a little harder sell, but look at the two BMG posts for your approach. Don't let those clown think they've done enough!

Today's the day or tomorrow at the latest to call your lawmakers. I don't ask that often, but they are on the lip of a deeper hole than we are already in, and the debate is on.

Call your people on the Hill (plug in your voting address here to get the info). The short message is that you want Gov. Patrick's revenue and reform approach. You don't want a sales-tax bump to get us maybe a third of the way to what we need.

Over at BMG is a clear line of reasoning and some talking points.

These poor, addled folk in both houses up there need some reassurance. They are terrified of every aspect of new or elevated taxes. Yet these are extraordinary times and we suffer under decades of delayed action. Call today.

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