Monday, April 11, 2011

The Cap'n's on Deck

Our shiny old Cap'n Brylcreem is thumping around the deck, like Ahab with a tailor. Known to many as Mitt Romney, our slick-haired and slicker-tongued champion of all that benefits him is gathering supporters and bucks to run for President.

cap'n brylcreen

His campaign exploratory-committee site presently opens with a smarmy video. His vapid insincerity is as relentless and unconvincing as ever. He pretends that by siphoning off profits via his venture capital org that he was really in it to create jobs for others. He makes no mention of the health-care reform he drove to completion here while governor.

Of course, current Gov. Deval Patrick has made it work and made MA the state with the highest percentage of insured American, no small feat during these awful economic times. So from the GOP administration to the Dem one, a great idea that became the base of the national health reform underway is pretty much the only real accomplishment of Gov. Romney's tenure. You wouldn't know it from hearing him.

I suspect by this evening, his competitors for the GOP 2012 nomination will be piling on the Obamacare slurs. Here's betting they don't stop so long as he keeps running. Here's also betting that the party has so overplayed that hand to a huge table of voters who benefit from Medicare and will get even more from the new health reform that this is a losing issue for them as a whole and not just for the Cap'n.

We'll have to see who else claims to be an explorer soon. We can be sure the incredible loon Michele Bachmann will strap on her leather stockings and play Natty Bumppo, blazing frontier trails. She is someone most of us would not trust alone in their bathroom during a party, much less elect to our highest office, but she sees no flaws in herself. FOX folk Sara Palin and Mike Huckabee likewise have terrific confidence, but she has lost nearly all luster according to the polls and he seems to have an appeal limited both geographically and philosophically.

At the moment, Cap'n Brylcreem has an afternoon of, if not blazing, at least glowing self-praise. He can tell his many grandchildren to come about it. They'll at least have the incentive of an inheritance to make them feign interest.

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