Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deval-ution on Display

As always, our governor was composed, witty and above all splendidly sincere. On his autobiography-shilling tour, he hit several NYC media yesterday, including The Daily Show.

Click below for the 7:40 minute segment. Go to the media link above for a Globe recap of his even more serious commentary on other LITE news programs.

I won't spoil the short clip of him and Jon Stewart. Suffice it to note that Patrick was savvy enough to let the host make the jokes — from thanking him for also being short to repeatedly and variously contrasting him with Mitt Romney.

Patrick skated around the icy edges of the platitude hole with his sincere answers, never slipping. The young, pinko audience loved it and showed that with repeated applause. After all and as he hit again and again, his administration far bettered the performance of other states, from education to health care and more.

To the obvious, his book sales will surely take a jump. It's doubtful that the oldsters and more conservative sorts watch his show or would be consider what Patrick said though. The rest of us can share nearly eight minutes of giggles and smugness.

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