Wednesday, February 08, 2012

iPlod Posting

I apologize to anyone expecting the Marisa DeFranco/Jim King forum coverage. My iPad, not my dog, ate it.

I'll reconstruct it when I have the heart.

On a trip to Florida, I took our iPad, with the intention of pushing Publish on the lengthy post already written. Logging onto Blogger and opening the post, I was astonished to see it disappear without my touching any keys. restoring the draft or exiting without saving did nothing. It was yet another dirty Apple trick.

I see that numerous bloggers on various platforms have had trouble with iPads and HTML-based programs. I am chastened and accept that I am punished for not staying all Apple all the time. In the future, I'll use a non-proprietary OS laptop or just wait.

Perhaps I'll write shorter in the redo.

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