Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Quarter for the Nice Lady

The toxic trio of hate-all-progressives at the Boston Herald teamed for the trite. Dem. candidate for US Senate from MA Elizabeth Warren got the how-dare-she-talk-to-rich people treatment.

It would seem that GOP incumbent Sen. Scott Brown gets a pass on the trifecta of 1) coming from plain folk, 2) getting rich, and 3) taking contributions from the really rich. The three foot stompers at the new fancy Herald digs allow her nothing.

An entire childhood in a family struggling to keep its humble house and pay for food? Hah! Brown's mother needed welfare for a brief period; that surely must trump decades of troubles.

Earning her way through public universities, aided by having worked a decade to get a debating scholarship eventually? Hah again! Noble Brown needed financial aid and got a sports stipend to go to Tufts, one of the most expensive private schools anywhere; that Tufts is nearly 5% lower in prestige than Harvard, where Warren earned her way into teaching law shows his humble start, eh?

Broad support mostly from plain, middle class folk, but also a few large donations from wealthy liberals? Triple hah! She's a hypocrite for even talking to rich people, particularly yicky out-of-state types, much less taking contributions; Brown's gigantic bags of money, double plus what she got, and far vastly more concentrated in financial-industry types shows his appeal, at least to swells.

She and her hubby working four decades to end up with six-figure incomes? What evil and greed; Brown having comparable income is merely proof that he really does work hard!

I was about to finger for a Cirque du Soleil trope, but this is nothing so grand. The winger types are much more like pubescent sorts trying to break dance. They'll twist and flop, strain to get upright again, fall often, but hop up at the end grinning with pride at their self-perceived skills. Such pride in cleverness is theater on its own.

Honestly, this anti-Warren routine reminds me of the elite-hick moment she and I had on her Left Ahead show last fall. She and I do share OK as birth state. That always stops conversations in MA. People here just don't have enough clich├ęs to keep rolling with that fact. In her case, being a braniac and highly accomplished in both academia and government, she faces a no-win.

Heavily criticized for being an out-of-state hick, she's also called elite for teaching at Harvard coming up on 20 years. So winger types at joints like FoxNews, RedMassGroup, and such have no problem running Warren down from every angle simultaneously.

Listening to or reading the snipes and screeds against her and other progressive sorts, I have to say that as a hick myself I have a word that covers them all — lying.


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