Monday, January 24, 2005

More Colonial Options

The basis for modern Massachusetts marriage and social-relations law is the colonial versions. In 1642, fornication could lead to forced marriage. The Bay Colony law included:

It is ordered by this Court and Authoritie therof, That if any man shall commit Fornication with any single woman, they shall be punished either by enjoyning to Marriage, or Fine, or corporall punishment, or all or any of these as the Judges in the courts of Assistants shall appoint most agreeable to the word of God. And this Order to continue till the Court take further order.

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Anonymous said...

This rule applied only to Whites..
Negros and Indians, if paired were considered on the same level as animals in most cases, especially interracial mixing resulting in half breeds... White slave owners often had children with negro women
they or other white slavers owned.

Trappers and mountain whitemen often took indian women to breed with resulting in racial mixing.