Friday, January 14, 2005

Stringy Solemnizations

Massachusetts marriage solemnizations are definitely the way for a cheapskate to go. Solemnizers are limited by law in fees.

State law (Chapter 262: Section 25) caps the fee at $75 in the solemnizer's town or $125 anywhere else in the commonwealth. If the solemnizer provides flowers, music, a photographer, the location or unofficial marriage certificate for the couple to leave with, the solemnizer pays for those out of pocket and gets no reimbursement.

Solemnizers can charge extra for:
...prenuptial counseling conferences, rehearsals, and other special requests by the couple whose marriage is being solemnized; provided, however, that the amount of these additional charges must be disclosed in writing to the couple whose marriage is being solemnized at least forty-eight hours prior to the rendering of these services.

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