Friday, June 16, 2006

Everyone to Amherst!

There are still cheap seats open in Amherst at the Media Giraffe Project conference. So far, there are 10 of us schlubs, a.k.a. bloggers without claques.

We're signed up for the one-day, $40 peanut-gallery version of the three-day Democracy and Independence: Sharing News and Politics in a Connected World.

It's much to MGP's credit that they figured out how to include oi-polloi bloggers amongst the notables, almost certainly on expense accounts. The latter group would be professors, big-paper and small-paper journalists, and broadcast biggies.

Even on our one day, we have lots of workshops and presentations dear to our hearts. It's citizen journalism, blogger/press links, future of the rich/poor digital divide, and hey, Ben and Jerry's for all.

I figure we'll all have to head over to Christopher Lydon's thingummy on creating a local Huffington Post -- New England Common.

There's room if you hop in now. Start with wonk NOT!'s Michael DeChiara's conference wiki. You can see which of us signed up and how to get in on the deal.

This is in two weeks, June 30th. You need to devote a Friday, losing money as I am if necessary. It looks like an intellectual investment to me.

Mammalian Aside: With mild sadness, we note that Media Giraffe Project is about serious business to the extent that they do not use said animals on their site or other promotion. We personally love giraffes. They are our favorite animals. We are not above using them.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Some of us lowly bloggers are expensing this. I take in money from donations and spend money as part of my business.

All right, that doesn't mean sky's the limit, but at least it's a business expense. ;P

massmarrier said...

So, will you be selling LiL (or LOL) bumper stickers?