Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Putting the Ass in Massachusetts

Picture this: the disgraced hate mongers in Lexington admitting that they were wrong and apologizing for claiming a scuffle between two 7-year-olds over a cafeteria seat was a premeditated, politically-based, parent-incited assault.

Well, I hope you have a good imagination, because it did not happen and is not likely.

The original, high-lunacy hysteria was well covered by MassResistanceWatch here, here and here. I'm tired of these people, but if you have the stomach, you can read their plainly dishonest and wild claims here.

Update: MRW has a followup.

This may finally have ended any conceivable credibility they have, even as two of the parents are trying to go forward with a doomed lawsuit. It's not going to help that their kid is a sandwich board that they put on public display for false charges. The other children, the teachers and aides, the investigating school authorities all concluded that one boy hit the other three or so times in a turf battle over who sits where in the cafeteria.

It was done for the kids, but not for the crazies.

So, it has apparently gone so far as to have Article8 folk coming into the elementary school library, pulling old local newspapers about the Mad Dad arrest, putting these on a table, taking pictures of them, and then claiming that the school officials use them to incite other 7-year-olds -- that's first graders -- against the poor chair stealer.

Unless something real happens, let's let these loonies sit in their corner and cluck.

I believe it is safe to say, this is time and campaign at which Article8/MassResistance has jumped the shark.

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