Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gabrieli's Secret Identity

Right on network TV, gubernatorial candidate Chris Gabrieli assumed his superhero identity. On Monday's Jim Braude interview, he showed his big V.

It did not stand for Venture Capital Man. Unfortunately, it is for Vaporman.

I confess that I hardly watch TV and do not see Newsnight. A tip of the toque to Adam Reilly at Talking Politics for recapping the V man's mush mouth responses to same-sex-marriage questions.

Gabby lovers know how to suspend disbelief, even in two segments in which he equivocated on nearly every question. Let us consider whether a candidate who wants voters to accept all his generalities and not press for any specifics or positions on key issues is likely to be a good governor.

You can see the whole embarrassing Vaporman mess in his very own hedging words at NECN Shows. These are on July 17th, Gabrieli on the Big Dig, other issues and Gabrieli on the Big Dig, other issues (Part 2).

After seeing those two clips, I can see him looking over a restaurant menu and saying he wants some protein and carbohydrates for breakfast, but never actually deciding on the dishes.

Specifically to SSM, Braude brought up the very topical ConCon delay on voting on the anti-SSM amendment. This is very public and very loud, and offered Gabby a chance to shine solo. It started off badly and went to worse. To start:
Q. You’re for gay marriage; you support gay marriage. Last week the legislature in constitutional convention decided to postpone their decision on gay marriage, if there is to be one, until two days after the election. Was that the right decision?

A. I think that they wanted to take it out of this year’s cycle, I’m guessing. I understand their logic. Look, I think they’ve got to eventually vote on this. I hope that they will defeat it, because I think it is a bad idea for Massachusetts.

Q. You want them to vote it up or down?

A. I hope that they will get the votes to defeat it.
The non-answers continued on this subject close to the mind of this blog. Also, we listened to both segments and found this was Vaporman's style throughout. Almost without exception, he could not, would not take a meaningful stand on nearly anything. If you favor generalities, this is your candidate.

Among an entire interview of pointed questions, he did manage a paltry few stands. He answered simply, "Yes," when asked whether Turnpike head Matt Amorello had to go, for example. So, he knows how to do it.

Unfortunately, these few decisive responses are mired in a deep swamp of jive. On whether taxes need to go back to 5%, he went off saying that "When you speak of hypotheticals, who knows?" (Of course, we expect the candidate to know and to tell us what we'd vote for with him.)

The huge hovering softball in the whole mess lobbed early when Braude asked him whether rival Tom Reilly was doing a good job on the Big Dig tunnel mess. Braude noted first that Reilly has gotten the stage to himself in this effort. So, the question was more than fair.

Even here, Gabby muttered about running against Reilly. So, he said that he couldn't comment. Is that lack of courage, misguided sportsmanship or lack of wit? He should have known this question would come and it would be fair commentary, even if he wanted to phrase it that as a citizen he was judging the attorney general's actions.

Double pooh on him! Talk to us, Chris.

Don't get mad at Adam or me. Get pissed at Gabby. If you love him, let him know that this is the exact time to be sincere and to take a stand...on something.

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Anonymous said...

Are you on this planet, mass marrier? He's has been rock-solid in support of gay marriage - and I believe Gabrieli and Robert Reich were the ONLY two statewide candidates unequivocally in support of gay marriage back in 2002.

A lot of people are pissed at the Legislature for - what they see as - dodging the vote.

Gabrieli WANTS to protect gay marriage, so, heaven forbid, he has to be a politician and play politics NOT on the ISSUE, but rather ON THE PROCESS! It doesn't change his position.

And if you're so concerned about candidates fudging PROCESS, how on earth can you support Deval?

Right, he sent his kids to private school because of the ethnic makeup, right. Oh, and he supported radical right-winger and Bush mega-fundraiser Arnall for an Ambassadorship because they're such tight buddies, not because he was getting $300K a year to attend two meetings and probably enjoy a lovely continental breakfast at both. And he opposes medicinal marijuana for glaucoma and cancer patients because "it's just not that big an issue."

So you ought knock the "be sincere" nonsense off - disagree with a position all you want, when there is an actual disagreement - but don't misrepresent Gabrieli's position ON THE ISSUE. Thanks.

massmarrier said...

Well, that anonymous vitriol took longer than usual, and much longer than the Reilly supporters if I dare to criticize their guy.

Adam Reilly over at the Phoenix called it. You can hear it for yourself on the links.

By the bye, saying you favor something is one thing. Not answering questions about implementation and voting is entirely separate. He's the one claiming to be the results guy.

I note again that Gabrieli hedges far too often. Those who want it different can delude themselves or go to their candidate and urge him to be decisive.

That's the news from planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

And what is he hedging on?

Gay marriage? For it.

Death penalty? Against it.

Abortion rights? For it.

Tax rollback to 5.0? For it WITH clearly laid out economic indicators.

Cape Wind? For it once we get the appropriate deal in place.

Other energy issues? Huge plan on his website.

Charter schools? For it. (An issue I disagree with him on, but he is clear, resolute, and non-hedging.)

Job creation? More experience than anyone in the race.

Stem cells? Been the leader.

Economic development? More experience than anyone in the race.

Education, both in school and out? Founded the state leading policy center - Massachusetts2020 (

Skeletons in the closet? None. Was a statewide nominee in 2002 - any skeletons would have come out.

Resources? Can go toe to toe with Healey.

So, on what issue does he hedge, Mass Marrier? Please elaborate...

massmarrier said...

It would be easy to go point by pont on Gabby's stands that have no substance behind them. You like his generalizing style and I want specific actions behind them, all of them.

I touch on the broader issues, teeing off from your comment here.

Mark D. Snyder said...

There is alink to your blog on gabrieli's web site now!!!

massmarrier said...

THX, Mark. Do you suppose this is masochism, or that he really wants people to urge him to take definitive stands. It is to laugh.