Friday, August 25, 2006

Bloc Quebecois, "Non"

Up in Ottawa, Prime Minister Stephen Harper surely didn't care to hear the news from Montreal that the Bloc Quebeois will vote against revisiting same-sex marriage legalization. Members met in caucus and emerged with an agreement to vote as a group, according to CNEWS.

Despite his campaign rhetoric, Harper seems to be hearing this message repeatedly. "It is simply believed that the debate has taken place and it is not relevant to start it again," said Bloc MP Real Menard.

It seems as though this quixotic quest has lost any hint of heroism Harper likes to give it.

The Liberal caucus has not discussed this issue at its current caucus, although their MPs' previous votes were strongly pro-SSM. In addition, the New Democratic Party "made support of same-sex marriage a party position and as a result its 29 MPs will vote against any motion to reopen the debate."

The minority Tories were not likely to win a free vote before and much less so as time passes.

Menard is pretty plain about what the thinks is going on and what it will do to Conservatives:
I think it is necessary to make the public understand the government is homophobic. When, since 1993, you vote each time you can against gay rights, I think it should be concluded that they (the Conservatives) are homophobic. If the Bloc had voted nine times against women, natives or any other specific groups in the country, I think the necessary conclusions would have been drawn.

"Menard predicted any homophobia on the Conservatives part will hurt them in Quebec where gay rights are generally supported," the article reported.

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