Monday, August 28, 2006

Some Call Him...Tim?

Arthur: What manner of man are you that you can summon up fire without flint or tinder?
Tim: I... am an enchanter.
Arthur: By what name are you known?
Tim: There are some who call me... 'Tim'?

The Tim with the tie (and no ram horns) is still our choice for lieutenant governor. We first endorsed Tim Murray at the end of May and stand with him.

A blog and MSM meme is clearly to view that spot as only a chair-warmer. It's true that the looey is officially an understudy in case the governor drowns in a hot tub or runs off to a distant land, like Utah. Yet, we have taken Deval Patrick at his word that in his administration, the lieutenant governor would be an active partner and do much more than, say, Kerry Healey. The past few looeys have done little more than act as messengers, runners who don't commit the big guy to anything. They can warm a chair at a distant location as well as on Beacon Street. Whoop-de-ding.

Other political fetishists and wonks have likely joined in watching, listening to or reading debate and other coverage of the second spot hopefuls. Some may recall the live blogging a table full of us BlogLeft types did at their first debate, in Lowell in May.

The coverage of this race has proceeded since at the same thawing, dripping speed. The presumptive solo Republican candidate, Reed Hillman went from handling Wonder Bread to managing other state troopers. From the looks of Kerry Healey's site (he's a lamprey clinging to the big fish), he has a short history as a legislator who was tough on crime. Did we say yet that he was tough on crime?

The Democrats in contrast have an embarrassment of, well, if not riches, at least plausibilities:
We strongly favor Tim. Andrea seems to be the media darling though, even to the point of being called cute repeatedly, as though that was a reason to elect someone, as least after middle school or as head cheerleader. Both women have good personal records of helping people financially and otherwise. [To keep up the incestuous cross-linking, we add one to Ryan's Take on his support for Andrea.]

Yet, we favor Tim (again, the one without the horns). It is honestly enough that he is far and away the candidate who addresses urban and close suburban issues. While the other two speak in general terms of economic health and education for the commonwealth, this is the guy who has both short-term and longer plans to address underlying problems of the vast majority of the commonwealth.

These include (follow the links there to see the details):
  • A Municipal Bill of Rights based on returning more local aid to towns and cities who have been drained by state taxes.
  • A public-education plan, which also restores school budget cuts and series of initiatives through college level.
  • A very detailed commuter and freight rail program to make the most of economic development (this will get a separate post).
  • Modeling on the Worcester rehab that he has been planning and leading for other cities of various sizes.
Our gubernatorial and looey candidates have long feared appearing to favor cities. Showing anything like interest proportionate to the urban and close suburban taxes and population is a sizzling stone. The exurban and rural voters are too quick to scream about favoritism while the urban areas founder and flail.

By the bye, Tim is as personable as Andrea. You can decide whether you think he is cute. However, he does get along well with legislators and his municipal peers. He is much more sincere and believable than either that Hillman character or Kerry Healey.

Click over to Bay Windows for a recent personal profile as well. It concentrates on his work with the Worcester GBLT communities and on his attitude toward the current anti-same-sex-marriage initiative. "...we don't need a divisive battle that's going to ultimately -- the goal is to take away rights that have already been given."

More to the election, he is not afraid of saying the cities and town need help and offering specific programs to get it to them. As the commonwealth's primary contact point with these areas, he would be the one we'd trust most to understand the issues. His lengthy set of endorsements from local politicians, particularly mayors, suggests they would welcome him in the second spot.

Some have written that because Worcester has a city manager, the mayor there is just the favorite city councilor. You don't have to look very deeply into his record to see that this totally under-credits him. Worcester is following his program and plans, and thriving after a long, sad period.

Up on the Hill, he also has rapport with many key legislators and has dealt with them for years. He gives them reasonable choices that favor his constituency and tends to get what he needs, even if it takes repeated trips.

Of the three, he looks like the one who can get the job done best and the one who could do a lot more than be a governor's errand boy.

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Ryan said...

I think Tim is a great candidate and is very deserving of the job. That said, I voted Andrea. Timmy boy is been mum on too many positions, like Cape Wind. Either you support it, or you don't - and in this field not openly supporting it cost him big time in my book.

From the interviews and mini debates I've seen with all the candidates together, I see a lot in Andrea that I do in Deval... so that helped a lot in her *finally* winning my vote.

Like I said, though, Tim's a GREAT choice. I would vote for him on a ticket with Deval in a heartbeat. It was a very tough choice and in any other year Tim probably would have had my vote, especially since I look at Worcester and think we need to emulate what's worked there in other huge urban areas like Springfield, Lynn and New Bedford/Fall River... if we can reinvigorate these cities, give them the infrastructure to link them all to Boston with easy-access public transportation... we can score affordable, quality housing and tens of thousands of new jobs.

I think its vital in turning around the state - and Tim clearly has some experience there.

massmarrier said...

Understandable...I'm a Cape Wind specifically and renewable energy generally supporter.

I also think Patrick and Silbert would be a good combo. However, I think Tim will come around on Cape Wind -- the waffle will fall syrup side up. I think he and Deval would be an even better team.

I respect your view but stick to mine.