Thursday, August 10, 2006

Links That Make You Go, "Hmm"

In a combination of laziness and town-crier altruism, I suggest:
  • Deval Patrick and Harvard’s Final Clubs, the lead opinion in the August 10th Boston-Bay State Banner (why don't they settle on a name?). Lee Daniels (Harvard '71), former National Urban League VP, snorts at criticisms of Deval Patrick's Fly Club membership. Daniels himself found it important to break the color barrier at Harvard's final clubs and still belongs to the male-only Spee Club. He understands both why Deval joined and why he quit. He says get over it and get on with important issues.
  • Smearing Deval Patrick, analysis/newy-ish/opinion in today's Boston Phoenix. It belatedly covers the absurd Killer Coke attack on our gubernatorial front runner. Buried in the piece though is a clarion call for Deval to cut the crap and talk about his corporate board dealings. If he signed non-disclosures before he quit, he needs to say that. Otherwise, explain his service fully. Don't let this rope hang for the slanderers to pull again and again.
  • Breeding Injustice, an insightful, scholarly piece comparing the early 20th Century Eugenics Movement to the current anti-same-sex-marriage panics and court rulings. We might quibble a bit here and there, but this is a refreshing article that puts a solid perspective on the anti-gay sorts fighting marriage equality.

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