Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bike Bill Calls Today

The cyclists' local angel Rep. Anne Paulsen, retired last session, but her struggle for us starts again tomorrow. Today, you can and should call or email your two legislators.

Just over a week ago, Acting Governor Kerry Healey botched the widely supported bill of cyclists rights and responsibilities. She apparently didn't understand it. So she vetoed it. Double duh.

Follow the link on the above post if you have not seen the bill's content.

Other supporters have picked up the pump and are ready to reintroduce the bill tomorrow. What we can do now (I already have) is call or email our state Senator and Representative. Ask them to co-sponsor the bill.

Senator Pam Resor will introduce it on her side and Rep. Kay Kahn on hers.

Have your legislators call Sen. Resor to be included as co-sponsors. More sponsors are better.

If you're not sure who your people are in the new legislature, find out here.

Many of the last administration's blunders will be hard to fix and take a long time. This one can be a snap.

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