Thursday, February 01, 2007

Anti-SSM Agitator in Full Stage Makeup

All right, Bay Windows! Ethan Jacobs got the scoop on Larry Cirignano's re-invention. We posted a bit on both his publicly observed assault, and we mean that only in the misdemeanor way, and his sneaking out of town.

Is there a Roman Catholic equivalent of chutzpah? If so, Cirignano has it by the bucket. As expected, he polished a blinding gloss on his resignation from Catholic Citizenship here and the instant creation of a new, improved position with the anti-SSM crowd in D.C.

As we have come to expect, Jacobs was on the spot and dug under it. His report on the resurrected Cirignano is here. (Temporary BW note: Their servers were barfing on the wire this morning. You may have to reload this link a few times.)

Cirignano says this newly minted organization will be Catholic, pro-life, pro-family oriented. He claimed that he can't talk about it for a month or so until a formal announcement. Uh huh.

He had his jolly face on, as Jacobs writes:
Cirignano described his job change as a promotion, not a demotion. Asked the reason behind the move to D.C. Cirignano answered, “More money, warmer weather,” and laughed. He then added, “And certainly to go broader in scope than Massachusetts.”

While the new job is based in D.C., Cirignano said he will be traveling across the country to organize around pro-life and “pro-family” causes.
As the public face and apparently what passes for brains in the local Catholic Citizenship, he said, in effect, they are now on there own. As he put it, "It’s really going to be determined by the bishops as to what they want it to be." Uh huh; sounds like dead to me.

However, the watch-this-space spin came from Lisa Barstow, spokesperson for She told BW, "Even though Larry’s gone, the grassroots are still well in place, and we don’t really see any impact in that respect."

Anyway, as of this afternoon, the Catholic Citizenship site still features Larry, Curly and Mo. No, that's Larry, Ray and Sean.

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But what was the makeup? Bozo would be the most appropriate, save that it would be a slur upon Frank Avruch.