Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Romney Pegged Big Time

Those of us around here muttering about Williard Mitt Romney's amorality is one thing. It's quite another for Slate to nail him in their lead piece by Daniel Gross.

Now that Cap'n BrylcreemBrylcreem ad is pandering to the early-primary states, national media and bloggers have been collecting his various inconsistencies in their flip-flop files. There's a solid yellow-journalism purpose to that, of course, but finding those from the Cap'n are about as hard as locating cigarette butts on Revere Beach.

Instead, Gross actually thinks about it all. He quite accurately defines how this reflects the Cap'n's career. The piece notes that he doesn't cover his butt very well when folk catch him in doublespeak. Gross writes, "It's easy to conclude that Romney lacks core principles and will say or do anything to get elected. But I think there's something deeper at work. Romney's behavior—and the fact that he doesn't think his obvious flip-flopping should arouse suspicions—suggests that he may be the first real CEO/MBA candidate."

Gross does not add that typical politicians have many years of tuning themselves to issues that play well with their constituents. That alone produces at least the appearance of consistency.

Instead, Romney doesn't believe and may not really think about the things he says. "But such hypocrisy, which turns off voters, is something like a job requirement for CEOs. In the executive suite, abandoning deeply held attitudes and reversing positions are job requirements."

True to his experience, whether in power in Boston or seeking it in Iowa, Romney does strategic planning. He adapts to the changing market conditions. We may think this is gutless and rudderless, but this is way business often works.

As Gross concludes, "It's not surprising that Romney has fled from his public record and is running to the right. What's surprising is that the man who has usually been so competent is proving to be rather poor at execution, and timing. He's moving hard right at a time when the national mood seems to be swinging in the opposite direction."

So, there the nation has it, boys and girls. The Cap'n's amorality is there for all to see and plainly described. Those who dwelt on the little contradictions did not see what was happening. Now a big player has put it on the table.

The Cap'n just can't help himself. It's all he knows.

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